Dog Boarding fredericton Reviews

Client Reviews:

" My two little dogs, Mo and Penny absolutely love going to Doggy Depot for their visits and sleepovers. When I say "We're going to see Angie"  they get so excited, every single part of their body wiggles!! It has never been easy for me to leave my dogs with other people but with Angie, I am 100% at peace in my heart. I know that she loves them, takes wonderful care of them and I appreciate the fact that she stays with the dogs in her care, whether they are indorrs or outdoors. I love that the whole yard is fenced in, even the driveway! doggy Depot is worth the drive out of town for sure!! So happy that I found Doggy Depot and Angie.

-Brigitte Beaulieu, Keswick NB

" My chocolate lab Sully absolutely loves going to the Doggy Depot! I just have to mention Angie's name and he is crying and barking with excitement on the drive there. He jumps out of the truck and never looks back when I open the gate to take him in! I know he has  a great time there Angie posts pictures on Facebook and he is always ready for bed after his great day! Shje is an amazing lady who clearly love the dogs and treats them as her own giving them so much attention. We love Doggy Depot!"

-Marie Burgoyne,  Dumfries NB

"I would highly recommend Doggy Depot and Angie to anyone seeking boarding or daycare for their furbabies. She provides the very best of care and attention and her facility and grounds are second to non. I can rest easy while my dogs are in her care knowing that they are being loved and cared for as if they were her own. It makes my day when she sends pictures and videos while my dogs are at Doggy Depot. The smile on their faces says it all....It truly is a paradise for dogs!!!"

-Amy Maher, Fredericton NB

"Our Max just can't wait for his day at Doggy Depot. His cry of excitement lets me know its a special place for him. Yes he literally cries of excitement when we drive to daycare! I can testify that Angie will love your furbaby just like her own. I wouldn't have Max go anywhere else! Angie is amazing with the dogs and it shows in the dogs excitement and they amazing place she has created for them! Angie comes hightly recommended.

-Elana Kelly, Fredericton NB

"I cannot say enough about the excellent care that Bentley my little Havanese receives at Doggy Depot. Angie provides a safe, clean, healthy place for Bentley to interact with other dogs. Seriously love this place and so pleased to have found out about it. It's so comforting to know that Bentley is happy to be there with his buddies and so well taken care of."

-Colleen Boyne, Fredericton NB

" We consider Doggy Depot as Barkley's second home. Knowing that Barkley, our yellow lab, is being so well cared for while in Angie's care is a great feeling. As soon as he sees the fence at Doggy Depot, he knows he is in for a fun time with other pups. We love that Angie posts pictures of Barkley with his friends on Facebook; it is reassuring to see him having a great time and getting lots and lots of exercise. We highly recommend Angie and Doggy Depot - your dog will get lots of love and cuddles."

-Mark, Kim and Jill Corey, Harvey NB

"My family includes three dogs ranging in age from 9 months to 12 years. My youngest is a typical puppy looking to become socialized and burn some energy. My oldest is a grouch, independent girl who likes a much calmer and more relaxing environment. our 8 year old is a fun loving girl who suffers from separation anxiety and cannot be alone. She loves to be loved and must be with a human at all times so she visits Doggy Depot three days a week. Each of my dogs gets exactly what they  need at the Doggy Depot. They all love to visit and stay with Angie.  We particularly love that our puppy comes home exhaursted and ready for bed! We are confident that they are having fun, are safe and are well cared for. These are three spoiled girls. Angie has also been wonderful about taking the girls at the last minute when our plans have changed or mu husband has been called out of town. we are so lucky to have found Doggy Depot!"

-Kelly McKeen, New Market NB

" I have known Angie for a very long time and her love for animals are always number one. Before Angie started up Doggy Depot she would look after my girl Jersey a rescue,  whenever we would go away and she would go on adventures with Angie, she loved going for the long walks in the woods. Now my little dog a Havanese named Max, has been going to Doggy Depot since he was just 8 weeks old. Angie has helped him become a well balanced social little guy. He loves it there! Before we even hit the street he starts whining because he knows were he is going and will be able to play with all his friends he has made over the years. When its time to go pick him up he hides behind trees or tries to get back into the house so he doesn't have to leave. I never worry when I leave Max there because I know he is getting the best care and love ever! I personally would never leave him with anybody else but Doggy Depot"

-Shannon Roberts,  Keswick Ridge NB

"Dexter loves to visit Aunty Angie for daycare and sleepovers. He knows his schedule and is at the door waiting to go those mornings. He is a rescue who was very traumatized and couldn't be kenneled or crated so Doggy Depot is perfect for him. Angie cares for him like her own and he loves every minute there"

-Loretta Field, Beaverdam NB